Queensland’s small businesses, as diverse as our landscapes and people, tackle challenges with resilience and determination. Explore their stories, successes, and lessons.

Lola Digital: The Heart of Kantesha Takai

Founded in 2019 by Kantesha Takai, Lola Digital stands as the vibrant core of her creative enterprise. Nestled on Thursday Island (TI) within the Torres...
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Cultural exchange is a win for tourists and locals

Tracey and Travis Harbour founded Jibija Ung-Gwee to offer a distinct Aboriginal cultural experience and create job opportunities for First Nations people in Winton’s outback...
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Young Achievers Award 2023

Recognition for young small business owners

Earlier this year, we celebrated a fantastic cohort of young people as part of the 2023 7NEWS Queensland Young Achiever Awards.As proud sponsor of the...
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