Transcript - Role of the mediator

Watch or listen to John Campbell discuss the role of the mediator.

[John Campbell]

Welcome to the QSBC website and these mediation videos.

In the previous video, we looked at what is mediation. Now let’s discuss the ‘Role of the mediator’.

The primary role of the mediator is to manage the process in an impartial way and to guide the discussions

Because there are a number of different styles of mediation, the mediator should ensure that the parties are clear on the process and the role of the mediator prior to the commencement of the mediation session.

Once the mediation starts, mediator will again outline the process that will be followed. In order to guide the discussions, the mediator will assist the parties to set an agenda, which acts as a road map for the rest of the process.

The meditator will assist you to talk about the issues and to focus on what is important to you. They bring to the table, various communication skills that assist people to have even the most challenging conversations, where those are necessary.

At some stage in the mediation process, the mediator will usually have separate meetings with each of the parties. These private meetings give you the opportunity to talk to the mediator confidentially and for the mediator to check in with you, about how the process is going. In these private meetings, the mediator may discuss with you, your thoughts or options around how the dispute might be resolved from your perspective. The mediator may also explore different perspectives or test the consequences of potential solutions.

Mediators will not however, give legal advice or tell you what you should do. They will not take sides or make judgments about who is right or who is wrong. Mediators should always respect and encourage the self-determination of the Parties. Again, mediation is your solution.

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