By engaging in mediation, you and the other party are making a genuine effort to reduce the cost, time and stress involved in resolving a dispute and achieve a better outcome.

About mediation

Mediators follows a tried and tested process to structure the conversation between the parties where each is allowed to have their say and to respond.

During mediation:

  • Parties are guided through a process of discussion and negotiation.
  • Following the process can clarify each party’s perspective and allow you to explore options to sort out the issues.
  • Unlike court, the steps are much simpler, and you cannot get in trouble if you make a mistake.
  • No-one hands down a decision (there is no ‘judge’) – you have control over what you agree to.
  • There is no submission or evidence and no determination of right or wrong
  • The process can take up to four hours.
  • The mediator may ask the parties to share information, may hold sessions with the parties together or separately, and can document an agreement.
Mediations have successfully resolved disputes ranging from minor disagreements to milliondollar settlements.

Many first-time participants in mediation are surprised that by having the mediator structure the conversation, they were able to uncover solutions they could agree to. 

Fast facts

  • Mediation can reduce the time and costs associated with resolving disputes.
  • QSBC mediations are held virtually using phone or video.
  • Many courts and tribunals require the parties to attempt mediation before hearing matters.

Benefits of mediation

There are five key advantages to mediation:

  • Time: Using a mediator is usually much faster than going to a tribunal or court.
  • Cost: Mediation can minimise legal costs as the parties represent themselves. 
  • Flexibility: You share responsibility about how the dispute is resolved.
  • Confidentiality: Your discussions during mediation are confidential.
  • Communication: Mediation can help improve on-going communication.

More information

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Download the Mediation fact sheet.