Finding the right support

Nic and Katie’s small businesses was affected by border zone restrictions

Nic and Katie, like many of the border zone small businesses in the Gold Coast area, were experiencing an even greater downturn in revenue compared to 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. On top of the financial stress, Nic and Katie also felt the emotional strain of operating a business in uncertain times. The couple were unaware of the support available to them. Nic and Katie were visited by the QSBC Assistance Team which was temporarily located at the Small Business Recovery Hub in Kirra.

Through one-on-one assistance, Nic and Katie were able to create a plan which resulted in the couple accessing a $10,000 COVID-19 support payment, and additional hardship support for the border zone affected businesses, including mental health support. Their plan also strengthened their connections with their local business community.

Key learnings: