Banana Shire Council renewable energy pipeline supply forum

Banana Shire Council

Banana Shire Council recently held its inaugural Renewable Energy Pipeline Supply forum to ensure local small businesses in the region were aware of proposed projects, and to be in the best position to take advantage of these upcoming opportunities. 

By organising this forum, local small businesses were able to benefit from:

  • information on the region’s pipeline of renewable energy projects
  • a pre-procurement briefing from a major project supplier
  • the opportunity to participate in a renewable energy supply chain forum Q&A 
  • receive information about supply chain initiatives to improve capability
  • network with major industry to learn about innovations and future growth
  • network and connect with major industry organisations who will be involved with the projects
  • learn about innovations and future growth opportunities from major industry players

This is a fantastic example of what it means to be a Small Business Friendly council. Through this important event, five local small businesses were able to secure contractual work. This keeps money in the local economy and employs local people. A win for all involved!

Find out more about the Small Business Friendly (SBF) Program here.