Advocacy for small business

covid cleaning cafe

Cameron was directly impacted by the COVID-19 lockdowns in March and July 2021

Cameron’s business had been listed by Queensland Health as a close contact venue. We reached out to Cameron to provide information and to hear her concerns. Cameron reported that she had engaged a professional to do a deep clean, and her staff had been cleared after quarantine. Despite this, her business was still on the exposure site list, and customers were cancelling future food orders.

We shared Cameron’s story with the Chief Health Officer and relevant government departments. As a result, Queensland Health created a ‘historical’ section in their contact tracing content, so that businesses were no longer listed as active COVID-19 exposure sites once the required period had passed. We also were able to advocate for an 80% reimbursement of the professional costs relating to cleaning her COVID-19 exposure site.

Key learnings:

  • By sharing her story, Cameron contributed to positive change for other small businesses.

Cameron was able to access the Queensland COVID-19 cleaning rebate that was available to support eligible businesses. (This rebate is now closed).