Assistance Stories

The following stories are about Queensland small businesses that we have helped navigate challenges and find solutions. We hope you find their case studies helpful in resolving your issues.

How a retail and commercial tenant advocate can help you

A retail and commercial tenant advocate simply put is someone who gives advice to commercial tenants. They are specialised providers that act specifically in the...
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Decision makers in a dispute

When parties go to mediation the best outcomes are always achieved when the decision-makers participate in the process. Otherwise communication can break down and make...
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Connecting businesses with appropriate information / agencies

A small business owner who operates a social enterprise contacted the QSBC in relation to their debt with the Australian Taxation Office. The QSBC referred...
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Informal resolution win for parties

A newsagent contacted our office requesting assistance by lodging an application for mediation. The newsagent was based in a shopping centre and was seeking a...
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Advocating for red tape reduction / stamp duty savings

The QSBC advocated strongly for a stamp duty exemption for small business restructures, having received feedback that this tax was a growth inhibitor and prevented...
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